Quality Function Deployment

This phase evaluates the correlation between the various processes or steps and the technical and functional specification of the product. It helps to identify the process which meets the part requirements in the best possible manner. The focus group method uses a carefully chosen group of potential customers. The design team members conduct a structured … Read more

How Pump is redefining cloud cost savings

While it doesn’t offer the same high-speed access as block storage, it has benefits for infrequently accessed data, such as archival storage or backup data. The correct storage choice will reduce costs and contribute to your overall cloud cost optimization strategy. Part of your cloud cost optimization strategy should include pinpointing underused (and inefficiently used) … Read more

What Is SMART Goal Methodology

” Goals that are too vague are difficult to measure and track, which is essential for holding yourself accountable. For one, setting a goal gives your brain a target to focus on. When you have a specific goal in mind, you are more likely to pay attention to the clues and opportunities that can help … Read more